Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vegan icecream , soy creamy vanilla sandwiches

It's summer and it means we regularly eat icecream at my home. I love exploring variety of vegan icecreams. I recently tried trader joee's soy creamy mini vanilla sandwiches, and really loved it. My son who is almost four years old eats these icecreams atleast once in day. These sandwich icecreams are so rich and creamy. The other day, my son's friends were at home playing with my son. The kids who were eating this soy icecream for the first time, liked it very much and were asking for more. Years ago when I decided to become vegan, I assumed that I would miss eating wonderful icecream. Fortunately, ever since I became a vegan , I have been indulging in so many delicious vegan Icecreams. July is national icecream month, and I hope you try any vegan icecream. Vegan icecream is cruel-free icecream, and you won't feel guilty eating vegan icecream....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Turbinado sugar, Vegan sugar

I was surprised to find out that bone char is used to refine sugar. I stopped using white sugar when , I came to know that animal bones are used to filter sugar. I make kheers(sweet pudding), halwas(indian sweets) and burfis(fudge like sweets) using trader joe's Turbinado raw cane sugar. I just adore the taste of the sweets made with Turbinado raw cane sugar. The cashew burfis made with this sugar get wonderful creamish color. A couple of days ago I made kaju katlis(cashew fudge). My husband and son loved it so much! I felt so happy when my son was munching these kaju katlis, as I had just used two ingredients to make kaju katlis. Try this sugar even if you are not a vegan. Turbinado sugar contains no coloring, no blending or any chemical refining. In short, Turbinado sugar is better for your health than white refined sugar.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vegan almond burfi

I love everything from almond Kheer to almond burfi. I recently made almond burfi following
Indira's almond burfi recipe in her beautiful blog mahanandi. You should visit mahanandi blog if you like simple Indian food and amazing food pictures.

I used trader joe's turbinado raw cane sugar, since it is vegan. To get perfect burfi, you should get the softball consistency when you boil sugar and water. This is very important. Indira says to peel the almonds. I did not peel the almonds, so my burfi was light brown in color.

When my almost four year old kid ate the burfi, he said, "amma sweet is nice". He ate a couple of pieces, and was running towards the plate in which I had arranged the burfi. In the morning, my son wakes up and after a few minutes says, "amma, burfi was nice". The burfis were really so good. I had used just one cup of almonds to make the burfi. Next time I'm planning to make with two cups of almonds...

I don't know to link to blogs. To read the almond burfi recipe in Indira's blog, go to google, and type "almond burfi mahanandi". Read the recipe and make this delicious sweet when you are not in a hurry...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hobby and more

Hobby and more is a vegan food blog. Richa's blog , hobby and more is awash with numerous recipes everything from flatbread to salads.

"What do vegans eat? ", is a common question people ask when you say that you thrive on a vegan diet.

A picture is worth thousand words. I'm a vegan, and people often ask me about vegan recipes and tips. I always tell that everyone should try tofu, as it is so versatile. I also tell them about the amazing vegan blogs such as vaishali's holy cow and richa's hobby and more.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tofu bhurji , scrambled tofu

Tofu bhurji is spiced Indian tofu scramble. Growing up, I loved eating egg bhurji spiced with black pepper. Ever since, I became a vegan, I have been making tofu bhurji. Tofu bhurji is such a simple dish that I keep experimenting with the spices and vegetables.

Recently we had some friends for dinner. I had cooked tofu bhurji. I had used crushed black pepper and salt to spice up the tofu bhurji. One of our friends could not believe that it was tofu.

If you have not yet tried tofu ,then you should try to make tofu bhurji. I'm sure you will become a fan of tofu...

P.s I think blogger has changed it's template. I can't edit as I'm so busy with my kid.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soyogurt , vegan yogurt

"I can't live without yogurt, so I can't be a vegan" , my friend says. My friend and I were recently were talking about the horrible conditions of milk production in India and across the world. My friend wanted to become a vegan, but when she thought about yogurt, her mind was in a state of commotion. I too love yogurt, and I relish eating wildwood probiotic Soyogurt, every day. Growing up in India, I used to eat yogurt with rice and pickle. Once I decided to became a vegan in united states, I really missed the yogurt. I was not happy with soy yogurts loaded ith sugar. A couple of years ago I found wildwood probiotic Soyogurt( high fiber unsweetened plain) in whole foods. I just adore this Soyogurt. Soyogurt is so much similar to the Indian sour yogurt. Soyogurt is organic and does not contain any sugar. The only thing I don't like about this yogurt is that it is found only in whole foods. Www.wildwoodfoods.com Pulmuone wildwood , inc Grinnell, iowa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milk Documentary

Cows across the world suffer every day to produce milk. People think that milk is very nutritious.
Studies have shown that milk causes many diseases ,everything from Diabetes to Asthama.

Got the facts on milk , is a milk documentary by Shira Lane. You will stop consuming dairy once you see this eye-opening documentary.
I have been telling my friends and relatives about this wonderful documentary.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bhagvad Gita and the Dairy Milk

Millions of people across the world refer to Bhagvad Gita every day. Reading Bhagvad Gita gives me inspiration, and it is a sort of fuel for my soul. I strongly believe our world will be a better place if every one reads Bhagvad Gita.

Bhagvad Gita is a doctrine of universal truth. Sri Krishna who is the creator of our universe explains men everything from our duty to behavior in Bhagvad Gita. Gandhi considered Bhagvad Gita as his mother.

Sri Krishna was a cowherd. During Sri Krishna's time cows were happy. Sri Krishna loved eating butter, and milk based sweets. During
Sri Krishna Janmashatmi, birthday of lord Sri Krishna, milk sweets and butter are offered to lord Sri Krishna.

Recently I was seeing the divine Abhishekam of lord Sri Krishna in a temple. The idol of lord Sri Krishna was poured with milk, yogurt and ghee during Abhishekam. It was very disturbing for my soul to see the Abhishekam, as the images of milk producing cows, which are treated as machines came to my mind. I'm sure even lord Sri Krishna did not like the Abhishekam...

I wonder what lord Sri Krishna feels when he sees - thousands of cows eat plastic bags in Indian streets , when cows are injected with harmones such as oxytocin to produce more milk . I wonder what lord Sri Krishna feels when priests pour gallons of milk on idols, during Abhishekam, in Hindu temples across the world. I wonder what lord Sri Krishna feels when millions of people still think that milk is pure and cruel -free food.

I'm sure that lord Sri Krishna feels that , both MILK and MEAT cause pain and suffering for the cows and other animals. In short milk and milk products is as bad as meat.