Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milk Documentary

Cows across the world suffer every day to produce milk. People think that milk is very nutritious.
Studies have shown that milk causes many diseases ,everything from Diabetes to Asthama.

Got the facts on milk , is a milk documentary by Shira Lane. You will stop consuming dairy once you see this eye-opening documentary.
I have been telling my friends and relatives about this wonderful documentary.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm cow happy to follow you actually i have a form hose in my home. i have every kind of cow here. Happy to follow your blog nyc for cows....:)

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Now Serving said...

Nice to visit your blog - hopped over from a friends - we are not vegan at all, but try to buy grass fed milk with no bovine additions! But I make a lot of vegan dishes at home too- look forward to your posts :) cheers, Priya
Please do stop by my blog sometime :)