Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yogi's Food : Fresh Cow's Milk and Fruits

For thousands of years yogis in India thrived on fresh
cow's milk and fruits.Fresh milk was consumed raw. For
me, when I think of yogi's food fresh milk and fruits
come to my mind.

Milk is considered to be the most nutritious food on
the earth by the yogis. Yogis hold cow's milk in high
esteem , as cows are sacred animals to the hindus.

Yogis and gurus in ashrams across India still consider
milk to be the most nutritious food. Of course, most
of the ashrams also keep cows and look after them well
for many years, even after the cows no longer produces
milk. Some ashrams also have goshalas, where
abandoned and aged cows are cared for.

I guess Indians consider cow's milk to be very healthy
food because of the yogis and gurus who sometimes
consumed only milk for their daily food.No wonder that
most of the Indian vegetarians are lacto-vegetarians.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

India and Cow's Milk

It is very easy to be a vegetarian in India. But, it
can be very challenging to be a vegan in India, as
diary alternatives are not widely available across

You can find soy beans and soy chunks in almost all
the stores - supermarkets and small local stores in
cities and towns. But you can find soy milk and tofu
only in supermarkets in cities such as Bangalore,
Mumbai and Delhi.

Milk products such as yogurt and ghee(clarified
butter) is omnipresent in every Indian kitchen. Milk
is supposed to be a very healthy drink.And desserts,
known as sweets in India are always made with ghee or
milk in Indian homes.

I was thrilled when I recently came across a
wonderful website by Dr.Nandita Shah. Sharan is a non-profit
organization dedicated to spread the concept of loving
nature - organic farming and veganism in India. Numerous vegan recipes
can also be found in this website.
Visit Sharan

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ahimsa Peace Silk:Cruel-free Silk

Like most people I grew up loving the smooth lucious
fabric - silk. I associated silk with luxury. And for my wedding,
I was presented with numerous vibrant silk
sarees by my parents and in-laws.

And one fine day I learnt that thousands of silkworms
are boiled to produce silk.I felt sick when I read
about the cruel process of making silk. In short, silk
kills. I decided not to buy silk which involves
the cruel process.

I recently came across ahimsa(non-violence)silk, where
silk worms are not brutally killed to make silk.Ahimsa
silk has a wonderful range of great silk products such
as shawls, scarves and sarees. Visit Ahimsa Peace Silk

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vegan Fashion

I'm always excited whenever I shop for shoes, sandals
and purses. Once I became a vegan, I thought that I
will face a long hard road shopping for shoes and sandals,
as the mainstream market is brimming with items infused with
an animal product - leather.

Recently, I came across Vegan Fashion Blog
and was thrilled to find loads of wonderful vegan
shoes, sandals, purses, and accessories. This blog is
unbelievable. I was thrilled to see a pleothra of
amazing cute vegan fashion items made with cruelty-free products.

The blog also has a forum where you can discuss everything
from vegan shoes to jackets.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Veg Blog

When I googled the phrase "vegan blog", 2,700,000 was
the result - a whooping number of websites related to

There are a couple of vegan blogs which I religiously
check. Most of the wonderful vegan blogs brimming with
vibrant vegan food pictures entice the websurfers to
become vegan. And since most of the vegan food items
can be easily purchased at the local supermarkets, it
is really so easy to be a vegan in western countries.

Recently, I came across a vegan blog - Veg Blog, which
keeps abreast with the latest happenings in the vegan
world. Ryan MacMichael ,a prolific writer blogs in Veg
Blog.The blog also has a huge list of the best
resources about veganism and vegetarianism.

I'm sure both vegans and non-vegans will find loads of interesting and thought-provoking discussions in Veg Blog.