Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vegan Fashion

I'm always excited whenever I shop for shoes, sandals
and purses. Once I became a vegan, I thought that I
will face a long hard road shopping for shoes and sandals,
as the mainstream market is brimming with items infused with
an animal product - leather.

Recently, I came across Vegan Fashion Blog
and was thrilled to find loads of wonderful vegan
shoes, sandals, purses, and accessories. This blog is
unbelievable. I was thrilled to see a pleothra of
amazing cute vegan fashion items made with cruelty-free products.

The blog also has a forum where you can discuss everything
from vegan shoes to jackets.


urban vegan said...

Now we can be veganista fashionistas!

Micah said...

You should check out our leather alternatives- way better than the old stuff.
HELD website

Anonymous said... makes great papyrus handbags - bags made of handmade paper.

Devyn Howard said...

I strive to wear only clothing that was made with kindness, and lately, I have found some really cute things that I want to share such as: Leather look alike jackets at Arden B in gorgeous colors for fall like cognac, plum and ivory. Also, super chic boots with buckles and bands at Cathy Jean Shoes! So cute and so stylish and no animal was harmed to create them!

Green Style Queen said...

I adore vegan fashion and it can still be hard to find really good stylish vegan fashion - bags, shoes, purses.

I have to say I can across an eco fashion site called

They have great plastic shoes from Melissa, Cri de Couer and Olsenhaus (all top vegan shoes), and Neu Aura and Vegan Queen and many more. Really fab - best fashiony selection I have seen

Devyn Howard said...

I recently had a mild debate with someone who considered herself to be very fashion forward, and who felt strongly that in order to be stylish, one had to include leather items in her wardrobe. Within just a few days of visiting some of the clothing sites and stores mentioned on this website, she has totally changed her mind. It's true that the marketplace does seem heavy in animal materials, but with just a bit more effort, kinder options can be found!

Online Team said...

Hi there!

Just a note to let you know that we're now making most of our boots and shoes in Lorica, the vegan leather.

Mainly we make more 'alternative' styles, but please have a look, there's probably something you'll like...

Have a great day.

The Fantasy Online Team.

Anonymous said...

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Po-Zu Vegan Shoes said...

There are plenty of stylish styles of vegan shoes For options that are also eco friendly try cork and hemp shoes and sandals.

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I like the cause of fighting for animals and stopping the butchery we do every day in order to have a piece of fresh mea in our tables.. but vegan fashion... isn't it way too much radical?

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