Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Wish You All a Very Happy New Year, 2013. I hope the new year brings peace and happiness to all living creatures.

 Thriving on a vegan diet(plant-based diet) is a wonderful way to reduce the suffering of millions of animals across the world. Many people wonder why I don't consume milk products. Many people consider dairy milk does not cause pain and suffering for the milk producing cows. During my pre-vegan days, I too believed my vegetarian diet was cruel-free.

One day, I came across a peta booklet. I was shocked to find the horrible conditions of cows in dairy farms in u.s.a, India and across the world. I felt sick when I read that cows are induced with harmones to produce more milk. I felt so sad for the innocent cows when I learnt that cows are repetedly impregnated so that they don't stop producing milk. Some people say that organic milk, don't cause harm to the cows. Cows which give organic milk also end up in slaughter houses once they stop producing milk.

Nearly a century ago, in 1912, Mahatma Gandhi stopped drinking cows milk after learning of the cruel practices(phooka or doom dev) used to yield more milk. If the condition of cows was so bad nearly a century ago, imagine the condition of cows today... The lifespan of cows is usually 20 years. But the cows in dairy farms live only for five to six years. The cows are slaughtered for meat. Cows are treated as machines across the world. In short, both meat and milk cause pain and suffering for millions of cows.

If you have decided to try vegan diet , the internet is brimming with wonderful vegan blogs. If you like Indian food, then blogs such as Richa's vegan richa vegan richa , Vaishali's holy cow ,Harini's tongue ticklers and if you are in India, the blog vegan india are brimming with so many great vegan recipes , tips and vegan news.

Susan Voisin's fat free vegan , Dilip's blog dinner with Dilip , and vegan lunch box vegan lunch box are great blogs for vegan recipes.