Friday, February 27, 2015

Vegan Frozen Yoghurt in Melbourne

Frolic Yoghurt is an amazing cafĂ© in Melbourne.  If you like waffles and yoghurt, you should make it a point to eat in Frolic Yoghurt. Vegans and Non-Vegans will enjoy cruel-free frozen yoghurt.

Frolic Yoghurt is a Paradise for Vegans. Frolic Yoghurt is in Fitzroy, a city with many Vegan restaurants.  My husband and I enjoyed our time in Frolic Yoghurt.

Here, vegan yoghurt is sweetened with agave nectar. There are so many varieties of vegan yoghurt. I tried  mango frozen yoghurt ,and  strawberry frozen yoghurt . We ate the freshly made waffles with mango frozen yoghurt .And the topping was vegan chocolate chips. Everything was so good...

Visit them at

Frolic Yoghurt is located at ,

365 Brunswick Street

Phone 613-941-70097

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Women's Health and Dairy Farms in Australia

During my stay in Australia, I read some amazing magazines. In an health related article, I read that 83% of Australian women suffer from digestive discomfort. In another article, I was shocked when I read that Australians drink about 102 litres of cow's milk in a year! Milk and milk products such as cream, butter and butter-milk is a major component of Australian's everyday diet.

I strongly feel that dairy milk is causing digestive discomfort in Australian women, and I really hope they try plant-based diet! Dairy products causes everything from Constipation to Cancer

In another article, I read that it takes around 2000 litres of water to produce 1 liter of milk. There are about 1.6 million dairy cows in Australia. The dairy cows are forced to produce 50 to 60 litres of milk.

According to United Nations, Livestock Long Shadow report , Dairy industry and meat industry causes Global Warming. United Nation urges people to consume less meat. United Nations should also urge people to consume less dairy products, as meat industry and dairy industry go hand in hand.

I saw some beautiful cows grazing in the vast outdoors while traveling from Melbourne to Philips Island. According to Animals Australia , most of the cows suffer from Mastitis. I feel so sorry for the innocent cows...

Fortunately, many people concerned about  Environment, health , and suffering of animals, are avoiding meat and dairy products in Australia. People are exploring plant-based diet in major cities across Australia. I feel so happy when I see projects such as Vegan Australia

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 Tips for Vegans Visiting Australia

During December my family and I visited Melbourne. Melbourne is a gorgeous city and it's really easy to thrive on Vegan diet.  We stayed at my brother-in-law's home and my gracious co-sister cooked delicious Indian dishes every day. My co-sister told me that many Australians are exploring many vegetarian and vegan dishes, as the health providers often talk about the great benefits of vegetables, fruits, beans and lentils.

1. Airplane Food :We flew to Melbourne from Los Angeles in Quantas.  Quantas airlines is vegetarian and vegan friendly. We ate delicious vegan food for breakfast , lunch and dinner. These days most of the airlines offer vegan meals. Make sure to confirm your vegan meal atleast 48 hours prior to your departure. Visit to get an idea what airlines are offering vegetarian and vegan fare. Always carry nuts, dates and instant oats if you are unhappy with your airplane food.

2. In Melbourne, I went to three grocery stores - Aldis , Woolworths and Coles. All these stores carry rice milk , almond milk and soy milk. I also found many vegan wraps and breads. You can find Tofu in all the grocery stores.  In Aldis I saw many cookie packets, chocolates, wafers labelled as, "Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans". In bigger cities such as Sydney, and Melbourne go to Indian Grocery stores, and stock on spicy and sweet snacks. Most of the snacks are suitable for Vegans.

3. Food Delivery : If you are staying in an apartment for few months, you can use Eat Now, to order vegan food from restaurants near your apartment. For vegan cosmetics and yummy chocolates, you can order online at Vegan Online

4.Always carry granola, dry fruits and Vegan Bars : When we visited Philips Island and Geelong,  we went to some bakeries and coffee shops. I just saw  everything from cookies to biscuits and muffins to cupcakes loaded with dairy . It is really hard to find vegan food stuff in rural areas in Australia.

5.Great blogs and Facebook : Every day, the Vegan community is growing in cities across the world.
Vegetarian Victoria  , Veganopoulous and Half Pint Vegan Dairy  is filled with lots of information for Vegans visiting Australia.