Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vegan and Vegetarian Phrases in Languages

While I along with my husband were in California a
couple of months ago, we went to Thirupati Bhimas - a
vegetarian restaurant in Artesia, Los Angeles.

You can find many vegan options in Indian
restaurants.I came across a rice dish, Bagala bath on
the menu. I assumed it was made with eggplants, known
as Baingan in one of the Indian languages, Hindi.

I waited for my aromatic dish. As the waitress brought
my dish, I realized that something was terribly wrong.
The mound of rice was white as snow. I realized that it
was a spicy yogurt rice. I felt horrible.

The waitress was wonderful.When I told the waitress
about my confusion with words, she calmly listened .I now ordered rice pulao.The rice pulao came with a small bowl of yogurt mixed with chopped onions.

Yes, being a vegan is pretty challenging and daunting.
It takes a lot of patience to order vegan food in

International Vegetarian Union (IVU) is a wonderful webpage with loads of useful phrases for vegans in
languages from across the world.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finding Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants Online

Recently when I and my husband were planning to visit Long Beach, California , I wondered about finding vegan food in a new city.

Fortunately, I found a great website HappyCow to locate vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

HappyCow is a very user-friendly website. With a click of mouse-button you can find vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants. You can also read restauarant reviews.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

The number of vegans around the world would be very
high, if the percentage of vegan doctors ,dietitians
and nutritionists was high in our world.

For the vast majority of the population in the world,
milk and its byproducts such as yogurt, ghee(clarified
butter), butter and butter-milk is considered healthy
foods. Since everyone from doctors to nutritionists
believe that milk is a healthy food, it is natural for
people to consume loads of milk products to get
calcium, even though there are millions of people
suffering from milk allergy.

Fortunately, there is one non-profit organization
consisting of doctors who fully agree that it is
possible to lead a healthy lifestyle by consuming only
plant-based food.

It is indeed very easy to get all the nutrients our
body needs from plant-based foods.

Visit PCRM's website to know more plant-based foods.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vegan Sukhadi - Fudge Like Dessert

I sometimes try new recipes.And I always prefer
recipes with few ingredients.

Recently, I tried fudge like dessert called, Sukhadi
-a traditional Gujarati dessert, from Trupti's blog

The Spice Who Loved Me

Well, I veganized this recipe. I substituted maple
syrup for jaggery(Unrefined sugar), and Earth
Balance's soy garden buttery spred for ghee (clarified
butter).Jaggery is a wonderful healthy alternative to
sugar and it is also a vegan food. I used maple syrup,
because I love to use local ingredients.

I left out the milk and cardamom powder, but followed
the same procedures of Trupti's to make these delicious fudges.

I'm sure I will prepare this sweet often, as the
recipe is pretty simple and contains only three
ingredients: Whole wheat flour, maple syrup and soy
garden natural buttery spread.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Scrumptious Vegan Cookies

I love cookies. Before becoming a vegan, I would
regularly buy cookies in supermarkets, bakeries and in
my favorite coffee shop - Starbucks.

After becoming a vegan, I'm not able to find vegan
cookies in regular supermarkets and bakeries.

During my visit to Long Beach California, last month,I
came across some cookies near the cash register ,in a

I found out that these cookies were vegan.
Vegan cookies made by Alternative Baking Company was
superb.I ate Double Chocolate Decadence cookie and my
husband ate Luscious Lemon Poppyseed.My husband who
normally does not like packaged cookie, was greatly
impressed by these huge cookies.

The cookies were soft and chewy, and it was hard to
believe they were made without eggs and milk.You
should be able to find to find these cookies in vegan
and vegetarian restaurants in california.

Well, you don't have go to California to enjoy these
delicious cookies.You can savor these delicious
cookies in the comfort of your home by ordering
online. You can order these cookies online at
Alternative Baking website.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Healthy Vegan Lunch

What do vegans eat? People assume vegans thrive only
on raw salads and boring vegetables.

You are bound to eat healthy and exotic food if you follow a
vegan diet, because vegan fare is brimming with whole
grains, beans and lentils, vegetables and fruits.

To get a glimpse on what a vegan kid eats for lunch,
you should visit

Jennifer McCann, a vegan, blogs about vegan fare.She
packs her kid's lunch box with yummy vegan
dishes.Visit vegan lunch box blog to see splendid
vegan lunches.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Vegan Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I guess there are very few people in the world who don't like ice cream.

It is very easy to be a vegan in America, because you get dairy free ice creams in almost every supermarket.

I recently ate vanilla almond non-diary frozen dessert, and it was wonderful. Dark chocolate and lots of nutty almonds covered the creamy vanilla soy ice cream.

It is such a wonderful feeling to indulge in non-dairy ice cream.

Let us savour non-diary ice cream and let the cows roam in green meadows.

Visit Purely Decadent to find stores which sell these wonderful desserts