Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

The number of vegans around the world would be very
high, if the percentage of vegan doctors ,dietitians
and nutritionists was high in our world.

For the vast majority of the population in the world,
milk and its byproducts such as yogurt, ghee(clarified
butter), butter and butter-milk is considered healthy
foods. Since everyone from doctors to nutritionists
believe that milk is a healthy food, it is natural for
people to consume loads of milk products to get
calcium, even though there are millions of people
suffering from milk allergy.

Fortunately, there is one non-profit organization
consisting of doctors who fully agree that it is
possible to lead a healthy lifestyle by consuming only
plant-based food.

It is indeed very easy to get all the nutrients our
body needs from plant-based foods.

Visit PCRM's website to know more plant-based foods.


Jenny Rough said...

I'm reading a book you might like - it's called The Hallelujah Diet by Malkmus.

Kumudha said...

I googled and found that "The Hallelujah Diet" sort of agrees with the vegan concept.

Thanks for the info.