Saturday, May 30, 2015

PETA in India

I was not aware of PETA, when I was growing up in India, nearly two decades ago.

India - Land of Mahatma Gandhi, is home to millions of suffering cows, and dogs . Whenever I visit India, I feel so sad seeing cows eating plastic bags.

These days PETA is doing awesome job in India. Thanks to PETA, Indians are seeing the suffering of milk producing cows in dairy farms, and the suffering of animals in zoos. PETA also has exposed the cruelty of leather industry.

I strongly feel that PETA is one of the reasons for growing vegan trend in India. PETA India is very active on social media.

Here are some interesting articles about PETA .

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Plant-based (Vegan) Sources of Calcium in India

Moms in India feel very happy if their kids drink dairy milk every day. Moms feel cow's milk is very nutritious. Moms feel kids have to drink cow's milk for calcium.

Change is taking place in India! Some kids are lactose intolerant. And kids get cough and cold when they consume dairy milk. So many parents are looking for non-dairy sources of calcium.

According to scientific studies, oranges, oatmeal , soy , almonds, figs, beans, and broccoli is brimming with calcium.  I recently read an interesting article -about non-dairy sources of calcium, in a popular Indian website.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vegan-friendly Indian Restaurants Around Atlanta

According to a recent survey there are about 40,000 Chinese restaurants and around 5,000 Indian restaurants in United States. I feel Indian restaurants can attract more customers if they offer vegan dishes such as Tofu burji , seitan biryani (seitan is wheat-based meat), and using tofu in palak paneer.

Atlanta has few good Indian vegetarian restaurants. Whenever we are in Cumming area, we go to Sri Krishna Vilas. The food is amazing! So far, I have eaten Thali , Bhel Puri and Samosa Chat. My son loves masala dosas in this restaurant.

Whenever, I'm in this restaurant, I feel I'm in India!  People who love Indian food should eat in Sri Krishna Vilas.

Amma's Kitchen is another simple restaurant in Alpharetta, GA. We tend to go to Amma's Kitchen whenever we go to Hanuman Mandir. Amma's Kitchen is pure Vegetarian eatery. They have variety of Doasa, idly , Poori Channa.  The food is simple and not oily. This is great eatery if you want to try traditional dishes of Andhra Pradesh(Southern state of India).

Amma's Kitchen also sells some tradition snacks and sweets. Sweets such as mysore pak and rava ladoo contains ghee(clarified butter). If you are a Vegan, avoid any dish which has the words ghee, paneer(Indian cheese), dahi (yogurt) .

 Amma's Kitchen website is not working. I found an interesting article about Amma's Kitchen

Chennai Express is another eatery which is becoming popular in Alpharetta area.  This is also pure vegetarian eatery. They have variety of dosas, idli, Chinese dishes, south-indian tradition rice dishes such as Tamarind rice (puliogare), and Tomato rice .

They also have coupe of dishes made with ghee such as ghee pongal, and ghee masala dosa. If you are a vegan, just make sure you mention not to add ghee to dosa or any dish.

Chat Patti is another popular eatery. If you like Indian snacks and chats, you ought to visit Chat Patti.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vegan Ice cream in India

In India, everyone I know loves ice cream! It is nice to see vegan ice cream in India. I'm sure the number of vegans in India, will increase by manyfold if vegan ice cream is available in towns and cities across India.

Recently I found out that Whitecub produces vegan icecream in New Delhi. According to their facebook, Whitecub icecream is available in Godrej's Natures Basket in New Delhi. They are at Basant Lok,Vasant Vihar ,  Defence Colony , Rajouri Garden , Model Town , Paschim Vihar and  Hargobind Enclave . I just hope many food companies start producing vegan ice cream in other parts of India.

Visit Whitecub and their Facebook page