Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vegan Himalaya Toothpaste

For years I used Colgate or Close-up toothpaste to brush my teeth. I have been using Himalaya Dental Cream ever since I became vegan.

I look forward to brush my teeth every day ,ever since I started using this flavorful toothpaste. Himalaya toothpaste is brimming with natural items such as pomegranate , and neem . On the package it says, "100% vegetarian" , even though Himalaya toothpaste is vegan .

I purchased Himalaya toothpaste in India. In United States you can buy online or in some stores. Visit Himalayan United States website.

Do you want to watch Himalaya toothpaste ad? See this ad on youtube

Monday, February 22, 2010

Haldiram's Vegan Sweets

I love Indian sweets. Growing up in India, I used to devour made with "pure ghee".
Once I realized that everything from butter to pure ghee and yogurt to cream, causes pain to the innocent cows, I decided to thrive on a plant-based diet - vegan diet.

I still enjoy delicious sweets. During my recent trip to India I found badam halwa and soan papdi from Haldiram's to be vegan. Haldiram also makes many spicy and tangy snacks, which are vegan. I purchased Haldiram sweets in Food World .

You don't have to visit India, to savour these sweets and snacks. Visit Indian grocery stores in your area to find Haldiram's sweets and snacks. Just check the expiration date on sweet boxes, because Indian stores keep snacks and sweets past the expiration date.