Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cadbury's Bourville - Vegan Chocolate in India

I love chocolates. While growing up in India, I used to frequently eat Cadbury's dairy milk bars. Even though you can find variety of chocolates in the market , Cadbury's chocolates are sill very popular in India.

Last year I could not find any dark chocolates suitable for vegans in India. I wondered why Cadbury's does not make dark chocolates(vegan chocolates), which not only tastes great but also good for our health .During my recent visit to India, I was surprised to find Cadbury's dark chocolates in supermarkets. I was very happy to savour delicious Cadbury's Bournville fine dark chocolate.

Cadbury's Bournville dark chocolate is available in four varieties: rich cocoa, raisin and nut, hazelnut and almond. I tasted all the four varieties, and these chocolates tastes so rich in cocoa - so delicious!

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