Thursday, May 31, 2007

Palak Paneer - Spinach with Tofu

Palak Paneer is a very popular dish from northern
sates of India. Pureed spinach with cubes of cottage
cheese taste wonderful with naan or chappathi(wheat
breads of India)

I use extra firm tofu instead of paneer while making Palak Paneer.I recently
cooked palak paneer following the recipe from
for the recipe.

This dish was very nice, especially with chappathis.
You can also eat with pita bread.

Mahanandi has loads of wonderful Indian vegetarian
recipes . Many dishes can be easily veganized.If you
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guava Paste Rolls

I love to eat guavas. I vividly remember eating guavas in Bangalore. The sight of guava slices sprinkled with salt and chili powder makes my mouth water...

Here in United States, I find guavas in Indian stores. Unfortunately the guavas look pale and dry, and so I don't buy them.

I recently came across a unusual sweet - Guava Paste Rolls in Trader Joe's.The guava rolls made with guava paste, sugar , and citric acid is wonderful. Eating these sweet rolls felt as if I was munching the real guava. They were fabulous!

I love to visit Trader joe's. Visit them online at