Monday, February 29, 2016

Vegan Flatbreads From India

Indian cuisine, especially North Indian cuisine is awash with tasty flatbreads. These days I'm making variety of flatbreads for my family.  Recently, I made Pudina Paratha (Mint flatbread), Koki (Onion flatbread) , Masala Paratha( Spicy flatbread) and the famous Aloo Paratha (Potato flatbread) .

If you like Indian flatbreads and enjoy cooking, then you should try making it!

Thanks to so many amazing food bloggers, Youtube and Chefs, I have access to some delicious recipes at the click of a mouse button. I made Pudina Paratha by following Sanjay Thumma's recipe . I used vegetable oil instead of butter, and the Pudina Paratha was so tasty...

For Koki , I followed the recipe from the website, Sindhi Rasoi. Here also, when the recipe called for  ghee, I used vegetable oil. I really liked the texture of Koki  -it was a bit crunchy!
Here is the recipe link ,

For Masala Paratha and Aloo Paratha, I followed the recipe from Sailaja's blog, Sailusfood. Sailufood is awesome. If you like authentic South Indian food , then you should visit the blog, Sailusfood.
Here are the links for Masala Paratha and Aloo Paratha...

Monday, February 22, 2016

Leo Tolstoy and Vegetarianism

Today, I read a thought-provoking article regarding  meat-eaters and Leo Tolstoy.  Leo Tolstoy, a great writer and Philosopher was a vegetarian.  Nearly a century ago,  Leo Tolstoy influenced thousands of people to stop eating meat. Leo Tolstoy led a simple life, but millions of people were influenced by him...

I'm sure Leo Tolstoy would thrive on plant-based diet (Vegan Diet), if he were alive today...

Read that interesting article here.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vegan Athletes are Olympic Champions

In United States, many athletes are going Vegan, after learning about the horrific condition of cows, pigs and chickens.  Thanks to everything from internet to Youtube and Documentaries to Animal Rights organizations, the concept of  " Vegan Diet " is growing every day...

Today , I read a very interesting article regarding Vegan athletes in a magazine, Teen Vogue.

You can read the inspiring article - How Athletes Are Going Vegan and Staying Strong

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Anand Siva - Earth Loving Vegan

Anand Siva is an amazing person.  Anand Siva cares about animals, birds and our beautiful Earth. He became a Vegan in 2011, after he came to know the cruel condition of animals across India and the world.  Last year, his daughter had a "Vegan Wedding"!

Anand Siva  travels widely  across India, and finds no problem in finding vegan food. He frequently gives talks about "Vegan Lifestyle". I hope many Indians are inspired to thrive on un-processed vegan diet after listening to Anand Siva's talk...

Anand Siva is also active on social media,

Here are some interesting interviews with Anand Siva...