Saturday, August 29, 2015

Doctors Urge People to Eat Plant-based Diet

Many doctors in United States are going vegan, and they all feel that Vegan diet is great for the health.

Dr Kim A.Williams is a leading Cardiologist in United States. He has been thriving on a vegan diet from past 13 years, and his health is in excellent condition. Dr.Williams says that low-fat vegan diet has the capacity to lower the risk of Diabetes and Obesity.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Dairy Substitutes in India

These days, many people in India are lactose intolerant. Fortunately, everything form burfis to halwas and kheers to payasam can be made without ghee and dairy milk...

Couple of years ago, I used to buy almond milk or coconut milk in United States to make Indian sweets. Now, I just soak few almonds or cashews in boiling water for few minutes. I then grind cashews or peeled almonds with little water to make fresh cashew milk or almond milk, and I use this fresh non-dairy milk to make kheers, payasams and halwas...

Recently, I read an interesting article about dairy subsitutes in Times of India

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ayurveda and Vegan Diet

Ayurveda is ancient healing system from India. According to Ayurveda, cow's milk and ghee(clarified butter) are some of the most nutritious foods. This is the reason most of the Indians end their lunch with some curds(yogurt). Indian moms get paranoid if their kids don't finish their milk!

From past few months, I have been following so many Ayurveda principles. And I feel so NICE...

These days many people who follow Ayurveda principles, are going Vegan...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jane Goodall is a Great Person

Jane Goodall is an incredibly good human being. She is a world-renowned primatologist , and UN messenger of peace.

For more than five decades, Jane Goodall did research on Chimpanzees. Jane Goodall found that Chimpanzees can use tools, and show so many emotions similar to human beings.

Jane Goodall is around 80 years old, and she travels nearly 300 days in a year, inspiring people and adults to protect and preserve Mother Earth. She started , Roots and Shoots, and now this organization is active in many countries. She often talks about Deforestation, global warming and factory farming.

Jane Goodall is a vegetarian for ethical and environment reasons. I hope Jane Goodall becomes a vegan...
Here are some amazing videos ...