Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vegan Sukhadi - Fudge Like Dessert

I sometimes try new recipes.And I always prefer
recipes with few ingredients.

Recently, I tried fudge like dessert called, Sukhadi
-a traditional Gujarati dessert, from Trupti's blog

The Spice Who Loved Me

Well, I veganized this recipe. I substituted maple
syrup for jaggery(Unrefined sugar), and Earth
Balance's soy garden buttery spred for ghee (clarified
butter).Jaggery is a wonderful healthy alternative to
sugar and it is also a vegan food. I used maple syrup,
because I love to use local ingredients.

I left out the milk and cardamom powder, but followed
the same procedures of Trupti's to make these delicious fudges.

I'm sure I will prepare this sweet often, as the
recipe is pretty simple and contains only three
ingredients: Whole wheat flour, maple syrup and soy
garden natural buttery spread.


mueja said...
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trupti said...

wow, a vegan version! I am sure this will be helpful to many! thanks so much for your email, when you mentioned it was Vegan, I had to rush over and see.

take care,

posicionamiento natural said...

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