Friday, February 27, 2015

Vegan Frozen Yoghurt in Melbourne

Frolic Yoghurt is an amazing café in Melbourne.  If you like waffles and yoghurt, you should make it a point to eat in Frolic Yoghurt. Vegans and Non-Vegans will enjoy cruel-free frozen yoghurt.

Frolic Yoghurt is a Paradise for Vegans. Frolic Yoghurt is in Fitzroy, a city with many Vegan restaurants.  My husband and I enjoyed our time in Frolic Yoghurt.

Here, vegan yoghurt is sweetened with agave nectar. There are so many varieties of vegan yoghurt. I tried  mango frozen yoghurt ,and  strawberry frozen yoghurt . We ate the freshly made waffles with mango frozen yoghurt .And the topping was vegan chocolate chips. Everything was so good...

Visit them at

Frolic Yoghurt is located at ,

365 Brunswick Street

Phone 613-941-70097

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