Monday, July 23, 2007

Ahimsa Peace Silk:Cruel-free Silk

Like most people I grew up loving the smooth lucious
fabric - silk. I associated silk with luxury. And for my wedding,
I was presented with numerous vibrant silk
sarees by my parents and in-laws.

And one fine day I learnt that thousands of silkworms
are boiled to produce silk.I felt sick when I read
about the cruel process of making silk. In short, silk
kills. I decided not to buy silk which involves
the cruel process.

I recently came across ahimsa(non-violence)silk, where
silk worms are not brutally killed to make silk.Ahimsa
silk has a wonderful range of great silk products such
as shawls, scarves and sarees. Visit Ahimsa Peace Silk


urban vegan said...

Love it! And so do the silkworms...

Kumudha said...

In India, people love silk. I hope people buy only ahimsa peace silk!

saroja said...

Recently i have decided not to buy or wear silk sarees made out of killing silk worms,i have some knowledge about Ahimsa silk sarees,i would like to know where such sarees are available and how to differentiate between ahimsa silk and the normal silk saree.
Anybody give me advice on this.

Kumudha said...

Ahimsa Peace Silk
21, Hermes Kunj
3rd floor
41-B, Mangaldas Road
Pune 411 001
Tel : +91 98223 76006
Email :

Anonymous said...

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viagra online said...

I'd like to know how that cruel process is, because I have a lot things made of silk, but if that's cruel I'll support your ideas.m10m

Anonymous said...
first of all, wat the guy delares in the above link is pure bullcrap. ahimsa silk is a beautiful idea. to make a single silk saree, around 50,000 silk worms are boiled alive in their cocoons. but in the ahimsa silk making process, the makers wait till the moth escpaes from the cocoon.the evolved moth mates quickly and dies within a few dies to what the above link says, worms evolve from cocoons. lol. wtf would a worm make a cocoon to come out worm again?? go for ahimsa silk. though it may not be as lustrous, its wrinkle free, and easy flowing and of course, guilt free. :)

Anonymous said...

according to the link given above its not worm that evolves yet moth. his theory is that we cannot potentially feed so many larvae to keep encouraging the process. my theory is his shutting up would help the world a little more. when we turned capable of breeding millions of hens for their meat and so on, im sure we can provide some more leaves for worms if the demand and interest is shown. yes ofcourse.ahimsa silk is better any day. said...

I totally match with anything you have written.

Soliferi said...

I've recently found out from a silk supplier that even the "cruelty free" silk is cruel as they shoot birds in the area to protect the silk worms ...

Anonymous said...

Buy pure cotton sarees with gold zari for wedding.

Even ahimsa silk has the coccon punctured.
or buy costly rayon sarees,or can even get it weaved with the threads of choice.

Anonymous said... has some wedding sarees in cotton,they sell silk too.but the cottton stiched ones are better