Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Veg Blog

When I googled the phrase "vegan blog", 2,700,000 was
the result - a whooping number of websites related to

There are a couple of vegan blogs which I religiously
check. Most of the wonderful vegan blogs brimming with
vibrant vegan food pictures entice the websurfers to
become vegan. And since most of the vegan food items
can be easily purchased at the local supermarkets, it
is really so easy to be a vegan in western countries.

Recently, I came across a vegan blog - Veg Blog, which
keeps abreast with the latest happenings in the vegan
world. Ryan MacMichael ,a prolific writer blogs in Veg
Blog.The blog also has a huge list of the best
resources about veganism and vegetarianism.

I'm sure both vegans and non-vegans will find loads of interesting and thought-provoking discussions in Veg Blog.


urban vegan said...

great site...thanks for pointing us to it. looks like v*gans are taking over the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

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