Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soyogurt , vegan yogurt

"I can't live without yogurt, so I can't be a vegan" , my friend says. My friend and I were recently were talking about the horrible conditions of milk production in India and across the world. My friend wanted to become a vegan, but when she thought about yogurt, her mind was in a state of commotion. I too love yogurt, and I relish eating wildwood probiotic Soyogurt, every day. Growing up in India, I used to eat yogurt with rice and pickle. Once I decided to became a vegan in united states, I really missed the yogurt. I was not happy with soy yogurts loaded ith sugar. A couple of years ago I found wildwood probiotic Soyogurt( high fiber unsweetened plain) in whole foods. I just adore this Soyogurt. Soyogurt is so much similar to the Indian sour yogurt. Soyogurt is organic and does not contain any sugar. The only thing I don't like about this yogurt is that it is found only in whole foods. Www.wildwoodfoods.com Pulmuone wildwood , inc Grinnell, iowa


Veganosaurus said...

Kumudha, yeah yogurt is the first thought all of us South Indians have when we think of switching to being vegan. :)

For the vegans here, yogurt made out of peanut milk has become a huge hit and a staple. It's easy to make at home and because of the natural fat content in the peanut, extremely creamy and thick. Heaven!

Whenever hubby and I visit the US, Wildwood Soy is our go-to yogurt brand. :) I know it's most easily available on the shelves at Whole Foods but we've managed to get it event in some remote stores at in-the-middle-of-nowhere towns. :) You just need to make a request at other grocery stores (not crappy ones like Walmart though) and if they are already dealing with the company in some way, they'll be able to source the soy yogurt for you.

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