Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tofu bhurji , scrambled tofu

Tofu bhurji is spiced Indian tofu scramble. Growing up, I loved eating egg bhurji spiced with black pepper. Ever since, I became a vegan, I have been making tofu bhurji. Tofu bhurji is such a simple dish that I keep experimenting with the spices and vegetables.

Recently we had some friends for dinner. I had cooked tofu bhurji. I had used crushed black pepper and salt to spice up the tofu bhurji. One of our friends could not believe that it was tofu.

If you have not yet tried tofu ,then you should try to make tofu bhurji. I'm sure you will become a fan of tofu...

P.s I think blogger has changed it's template. I can't edit as I'm so busy with my kid.

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Tiffany and Stu said...

I make scrambled tofu too:) delicious and easy!