Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vegan almond burfi

I love everything from almond Kheer to almond burfi. I recently made almond burfi following
Indira's almond burfi recipe in her beautiful blog mahanandi. You should visit mahanandi blog if you like simple Indian food and amazing food pictures.

I used trader joe's turbinado raw cane sugar, since it is vegan. To get perfect burfi, you should get the softball consistency when you boil sugar and water. This is very important. Indira says to peel the almonds. I did not peel the almonds, so my burfi was light brown in color.

When my almost four year old kid ate the burfi, he said, "amma sweet is nice". He ate a couple of pieces, and was running towards the plate in which I had arranged the burfi. In the morning, my son wakes up and after a few minutes says, "amma, burfi was nice". The burfis were really so good. I had used just one cup of almonds to make the burfi. Next time I'm planning to make with two cups of almonds...

I don't know to link to blogs. To read the almond burfi recipe in Indira's blog, go to google, and type "almond burfi mahanandi". Read the recipe and make this delicious sweet when you are not in a hurry...


Veganosaurus said...
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Veganosaurus said...
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Veganosaurus said...

Hi Kumudha,

The badam barfis sound yummy! They are one of my favorite sweets. Sounds like your son really enjoyed it! :)

You always seem to talk about nice blogs here but don't know how to link them. Adding links benefits your blog as well as the blogs you have linked because it improves the rankings in google searches.

If you don't mind, I'd like to share the code you can use to link them. Just copy/paste the one line HTML code below and change the name of the blog and the blog link each time.

Just add a < at the beginning of each code and < plus / plus a plus > at the end. I had to eliminate them because otherwise the html code becomes active and you just see linked words instead of the code.

a href="blog url">blog name

Here are examples with your blog and mine, to give you an idea:

a href="">Global Vegan

a href="">Veganosaurus

If you want to link a specific post, just type the recipe name and the direct url of the recipe in place of the blog name and blog url. For example, in this post, you wanted to link Mahanandi's Almond Burfi recipe:

a href="">Mahanandi's Vegan Almond Burfi

I hope that helps. :)

Jay said...

sounds absolutely tasty delicious kumuda..:)
Tasty Appetite

Paulina said...

I think I saw that recipe on her blog. It looked yummy!

A simple way to include links in your posts is simply to highlight the name of the blog you would like to link to (or any other word you would like to have a link), and then press the button in blue above the textbox that says "LINK." It'll then prompt you to paste the web address into the line provided.

That's it! :)

LG said...

We love badam burfi and also halwa. Loved your space here :)

Padhu said...

Love almond burfi very much