Monday, June 25, 2012

Turbinado sugar, Vegan sugar

I was surprised to find out that bone char is used to refine sugar. I stopped using white sugar when , I came to know that animal bones are used to filter sugar. I make kheers(sweet pudding), halwas(indian sweets) and burfis(fudge like sweets) using trader joe's Turbinado raw cane sugar. I just adore the taste of the sweets made with Turbinado raw cane sugar. The cashew burfis made with this sugar get wonderful creamish color. A couple of days ago I made kaju katlis(cashew fudge). My husband and son loved it so much! I felt so happy when my son was munching these kaju katlis, as I had just used two ingredients to make kaju katlis. Try this sugar even if you are not a vegan. Turbinado sugar contains no coloring, no blending or any chemical refining. In short, Turbinado sugar is better for your health than white refined sugar.


Jay said...

very interesting
Tasty Appetite

mk biswas said...

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Anonymous said...

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