Saturday, April 7, 2018

Manjula's Kitchen - Vegetarian food blog (Jain food blog)

Manjula's kitchen is a wonderful website awash with numerous vegan recipes. Nearly five decades ago, Manjula Jain moved to United States from India . Manjula Jain is fondly called as Manjula aunty by her readers. Manjula aunty is passionate about cooking. Manjula aunty cooks delicious dishes without onions and garlic She has posted so many interesting vegetarian and vegan recipes. Thanks to Manjula aunty for popularizing Indian vegetarian cuisine. Every day numerous people from India to United States, and Canada to New Zealand see Manjula's Kitchen for nutritious and tasty vegetarian recipes.

If you love Indian food, and would like to try cooking Indian fare once in a while, you should check this amazing website. Manjula aunty also has Youtube channel with numerous vegetarian recipes.

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