Sunday, April 22, 2018

Go Vegan on Earth Day!

Going Vegan is a great way to protect our beautiful Earth. Every day thousands of people are suffering due to global warming. According to some reports, our Earth can no longer bear billions and trillion tons of plastic and dangerous chemicals. Livestock industry (dairy and meat industry)  is also the leading cause of air and water pollution...

My heart sinks when I read about plastics inside fish stomach . I feel so bad reading about the horrible condition of lakes, rivers and streams across the world. I cry when cows are induced with harmones to produce more milk. I feel human being are the least compassionate ...

We can try our best to protect our beautiful Earth for kids and grandkids. Eating plant-based diet (vegan diet ) is a great way to protect our Earth. What we eat every day has a great impact on our Earth. The consumption of water is less for growing vegetables and beans compared to raising animals for meat. Fortunately, every day people across the world are exploring delicious and nutritious plant-based fare.  And Earth Day is a great day to become a VEGAN!

These days, with some planning it is extremely easy to thrive on unprocessed vegan diet (plant-based diet) from India to United States and England to Kenya!

Here are some interesting articles, tips and letters for Earth Day...







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