Monday, April 4, 2016

Richa Hingle , Indian - American Vegan Food Blogger

Richa Hingle blogs about delicious and nutritious vegan dishes in the blog - Vegan Richa. The blog Vegan Richa inspires people to try plant-based fare (vegan fare). Richa is the author of the amazing vegan cookbook, Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen. You can find delicious recipes for vegan gulab jamun , and vegan ras malai.

In an interview Richa says, "I chose to be vegan when I realized how I was giving profound love and compassion to one animal (my adopted dog) and causing death, and eating another animal or animal product,” .

Richa says ,“Meat and dairy industries are not only responsible for torture and death of 59 billion animals per year, but they also affect the environment, the planet, and one’s own health. Animal agriculture is the leading producer of greenhouse gasses causing climate change, much more than fossil fuels.” You can read the full interview here,

Richa is also involved in improving the global community. She supports Karuna Society, Wildlife SOS ,  and Asha For Education .

You will be tempted to try Vegan Diet, when you visit Vegan Richa,

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