Friday, April 22, 2016

Eat Plant-based (Vegan) Food , and Save the Earth!

It's Earth Day, and millions of compassionate people across the world want to save our Earth from deforestation, poverty, and pollution. It is really good to know that everyone from students to farmers and business owners to factory workers want to protect and save our beautiful Earth. I have been reading so many articles related to Earth Day, and most of the environmentalists are urging people to follow vegan diet(plant-based diet)...

Here are some tips how you can save our Earth on Earth Day and every day...

1. Eat Plant-based (Vegan diet) every day. If it is impossible to to Vegan, atleast go without meat and dairy products twice or thrice in a week. If you are a vegan, please talk about the benefits of vegan diet to your friends and relatives.

2.  Plant trees , and grow herbs such as mint , cilantro. If possible grow tomatoes, chillies, and carrots.

3. Think 20 times before buying fashion accessories, and  decorative items. In short, buy only when you really need items!

4. Conserve water. Conserve electricity .Take out all the plugs from plug points even after switching them off.

5. Carpool or take Public Transportation for work.

6. Volunteer to clean parks and beaches. Volunteer in hospitals, libraries and schools. in United States  India  India

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