Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 - United Nations International Year of Pulses

Lentils, beans and peas belong to the group, Pulses .  Pulses are edible seeds of plants in the legume family. Every day millions of people in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri lanka, get their "Proteins" from variety of lentils and beans.

Pulses are rich in protein and fibre. They are also rich in iron, pottasium, magnesium, and zinc. United Nations is trying to create awareness of the "Powerful Pulses", by designating 2016, as the United Nations International Year of Pulses. https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/iyp2016

Growing pulses require less water compared to raising cows, chickens and pigs for meat.  Yes, World Hunger can be eradicated if everyone thrives on plant-based diet. In short, United Nations is urging people to eat lentils and beans every day. Many Americans and Canadians are taking, Pulse Pledge, to consume pulses every week!

Indian cuisine is brimming with numerous tasty and nutritious lentils and beans dishes.  Every day I cook Indian dishes, and most of the dishes - Sambar ( thick Toor dal and vegetables stew), Kootu (channa dal or moong dal with vegetables), and Channa masala is made up of lentils, and beans.

During winter, I often make lentil soup for my family. I also like Black bean soup. Black bean salad is also my favorite dish. My friends make lentil burgers...

Here are some interesting websites for lentils and beans recipes...

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