Monday, August 23, 2010

Vegan Majjige Huli

Majjige huli(saucy yogurt with vegetables) is a classic recipe from South India.
I grew up eating Majjige huli with hot rice in Bangalore. Now, I'm a vegan and I make Majjige Huli with Soyogurt. The key to make delicious vegan Majjige huli is to use unsweetened soy yogurt. I use wildwood Soyogurt(high fibre unsweetened plain). This soyogurt is so much like Indian yogurt - a bit sour.

I made Majjige Huli by following Ramya's blog Mane Adige. The Majjige huli was so yummy.


Chhaya said...

Hi Kumudha ! nice to have stumbled onto your blog....its always interesting to find how indians adapt to a vegan diet , especially with yogurt dishes :) I have to try this out now ..nimma recipes ella tumba interesting ide

Kumudha said...


It's really so easy to veganize Indian recipes. For kheers and payasams I use rice, almond or soy milk. When a recipe calls for ghee I use oil or earth balance. And if a recipe calls for yogurt or butter-milk then, some non-diary yogurts such wildwood yogurt is great...

Thanks again for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

If you want the closest thing to yogurt use unsweetened coconut milk made sour with lemon juice. Coconut milk happily does not split with lmon because there is no protein in it for coagulation. If you use this comination in majjoge huli it tastes EAXCTLY like majjige.