Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bangalore Photos

Bangalore is a bustling city in India. For visitors, it's possible to thrive on a vegan fare where there are thousands of vegetarian restaurants.


Red Chillies said...

I had to see this as I am from Bangalore. Bangalore has changed so much over the years. It is such a stark contrast of modern and traditional.
Is that 3rd photo Sajjan Rao circle temple?

SMN said...

Nice photos of blore.. everythng is changing in such a rapid pace that the weather is also very weird..

Jaya said...

Loved the pics of Banglore and my fav joint to hang-out with my hubby is Cafe coffee Day ..
hugs and smiles

Sia said...

hw i long for a coffee @CCD. my fav place to hang out...
and dont we simply adore b'lore. what a striking contrast of traditional with modernity!

Kumudha said...

red chillies,

The temple in the 3rd photo is near commercial street.

Even I felt that the weather is so weird in Bangalore. I guess because of global warming.

I too love cafe coffee day, and the black coffee and vegan shake we get there is wonderful!

The only thing I hate about Bangalore is the horrible traffic!

Cynthia said...

It is so pleasing and when one can find the food that they enjoy when travelling.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Those dosas look Yumm!

thanks for sharing these beautiful pics!

Urban Vegan said...

Incredible photos! Gorgeous colors! Thanks for taking us along.

Mihl said...

really nice pictures! I also read your last entry about being vegan in India with great interest.
I love Indian food and here whenever I am in an Indian restaurant here in Germany I have the feeling that Indians are the most "vegan-friendly" people. I never get weird looks when I ask them about animal ingredients as in other restaurants. In other restaurants I always get the weird looks. I always thought it was because a vegetarian diet was something completely normal in India. I was surprised to find out that you had a hard time to find vegan products and to convince your family that you are not starving.
Anyway, I think it's great that so many people in India are vegetarians.

Aparna said...

Hasn't Bangalore changed quite a bit since you last saw it?
I find it a bit of a nightmare!
While I am vegetarian (eggs occasionally) it is nice to see vegan versions of lots of Indian food.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

What is the last photo in this post of? Flowers? It is so beautiful and colorful. I love it.

Kumudha said...

vivacious vegan

Yes! it's flowers, mostly marigolds and chrysanthemums

Mithila said...

well i really love bangalore even though its changed a lot... something about this city makes u feel very comfortable!!

wonderful pics...!!!
i'm a veggie too... i love vegetarian food... and i love animals...!! ;)

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