Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vegan Food in Yugal Kunj, Atlanta

Yugal Kunj is a Radha Krishna temple and community center in Atlanta. On last sunday of every month, Bhajans(devotional songs) entice people to fall in love with Lord Krishna. Recently, on sunday my family and I immensely enjoyed the divine Bhajans.  And the dinner prasad was so good...

Fresh vegetarian food is prepared daily at Yugal Kunj. My friend volunteers in the kitchen, and she showed in their huge cooking appliances and walk-in refrigerator. Yugal Kunj takes catering orders for vegetarian food. And most of the food items are vegan!

For appetizers - samosas, gobhi fry (cauliflower fritters), pakoras(garbanzo flour fritters). Delicious snacks such as bhel puri, pani puri , vada pav and pav bhaji will make people fall in love with Indian cuisine. Rajma (red kidney beans cooked in tomato sauce) and channa masala (garbanzo beans in tomato sauce) taste delicious with roti and paratha (flat breads) . They also have "vegan payasam " in their menu!

For kids, they have Bal Vihar, music classes, Yoga and also summer camp. They have also started Hindi classes . Here, kids learn about ancient Hindu customs, culture and philoshy. Adults have the oppurtunity to volunteer. You should visit Yugal Kunj if  you want to more about the oldest and eternal religion - Hinduism.

If you reside in Atlanta, please use their catering service for your kids birthday , anniversaries, baby shower and reunions. The folks in kitchen department are humble and very friendly. You can contact
Yugal Kunj catering service at 1-678-920-6669 or e-mail info@yugalkunj.org

Visit  Yugal Kunj

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