Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dr Neal Barnard - Living Vegan Legend

Thanks to enormous work by Dr Neal Barnard, every day, thousands of people are inspired to go VEGAN in United States and many other countries across the world. Today, so many doctors are advocating plant-based diet for a variety of diseases. In short, doctors no longer feel it's weird to be a vegetarian or vegan ...

Dr Neal Barnard is the president of PCRM (Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine ) .Dr Neal Barnard visits numerous cities and talks about the benefits of plant-based diet (vegan diet) . He is also the author of numerous books - Power Foods For The Brain , The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook , The Plant-Based Journey , The Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight,  and The Cancer Survivor's Guide

I like to hear his inspiring talks in Youtube. He explains logically about the wonderful benefits of plant-based diet. Today, many Americans are thankful to Dr Neal Barnard for saving precious lives...

Please listen to these amazing talks by Dr. Neal Barnard




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