Monday, October 29, 2007

Global Warming and Vegan Diet

These days everyone seems to be concerned about global
warming. What we eat and drink every day, has a huge
impact on our environment.

According to a report published by the United Nations
Food and Agriculture Organization, the livestock
sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions as
measured in CO2 equivalent – 18 percent – than
transport. It is also a major source of land and water

Thriving on a vegan diet is the best option these
days, as it reduces the generation of greenhouse
gases. And vegan diet is also great for health, as vegan
diet is usually rich in whole grains, vegetables,
fruits, and legumes.

These days, the supermarkets in United States are
awash with diary and meat alternatives, so it is very
easy to follow a vegan diet. The internet also
provides useful information - everything from recipes
to tips , for vegetarians and vegans.

Get vegetarian starter kit at Mercy for Animals, and Go veg

Visit International Vegetarian Union and Veg Cooking for recipes.

Visit Veg family and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) for articles and health related information about vegan diet.

Eat locally harvested produce by shopping at farmers markets. Visit Local Harvest to locate your farmers market in your area.


Sirisha Kilambi said...

Thanks for the links Kumudha....They are very helpful....I have been trying to locate farmers near me and ur link comes in very handy :-)

Kribha said...

Dear Kumudha,
Thankyou so much for sending me those links about milk. I have not gone thru everything yet. But it has been so helpful. This post is also very informative. Really appreciate for taking the time to do this.

Rural Vegan said...

Wise words, Kumudha! Diet has been mentioned in the media a little more recently when global warming has come up - let's hope the trend continues.

Vcuisine said...

Usuful info Kumudha. Viji

Johanna3 said...

Thanks for the links!!

Rajitha said... ur enthusiasm about veganism and it is also feel less a hypocrite..esp. when you are a vegetarian and love finding it hard to give up plain curd tho..otherwise i can easily become did u deal with the curd issue..

Daily Meals said...

Thanks for the informative post Kumudha! Please check my blog, you have been tagged...

cromeuhnione said...

Environment consequences are a part of my choice to became vegatarian, but here in France it's a little bit hardier i think to go vegan because of the less supply for vegan people... but maybe one day !

muebles en navarra said...

It can't succeed in fact, that is what I think.