Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vegan Food Guide for Central America

Thousands of Americans and Canadians will visit Central America during summer. Summer is the perfect time to explore the beautiful Pacific Ocean , ancient cities ,and the amazing flora and fauna of Central America. Belize , Guatemala , Panama , Nicargua, and Honduras are popular cities in Central America.

United States gets 90 % of fruits , vegetables,  Quinoa, and coffee  from Central America. In Atlanta, I get tasty mangoes, jackfruit , tender coconut, and array of Indian vegetables. I 'm sure all of these delicious produce is from Central America and Mexico.

If you are a vegetarain or a vegan, planning to visit Central America, please read these useful websites ...

1.  http://www.westword.com/arts/dave-paco-of-osa-mariposa-releases-the-bodyguard-a-vegan-tourists-survival-guide-8973791

2.  https://www.happycow.net/blog/vegan-travel-tips-central-america/

3.  https://www.vegantravel.com/destinations/north-america/central-america/

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