Friday, May 27, 2016

Delicious Mangoes for Summer

I love summer, because it's mango season! I love mangoes, and I never get bored of eating delicious mangoes. In Atlanta we get good mangoes, but I still miss Indian mangoes.

Growing up in Bengaluru, I used to eat mangoes every day during summer. Raspuri, and  Malgoba, are my favorite mangoes.  I immensely enjoy eating sliced ripe mangoes with rice,  and sambar.
In short, I can have mangoes for my breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Like me, my son also enjoys eating mangoes. Today, I made him a smoothie, using mango, strawberries and a banana. In the evening, he ate sliced mango for "Snacks".

Mango rice is a traditional recipe from Karnataka, made with raw mango. Mango pickle and mango chutney are also so tangy and delicious. Some people make mango burfis , but I have not tried making it...

Here are some yummy mango recipes...







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