Thursday, September 24, 2015

Scott Jurek - American Ultramarathoner is a Vegan

Scott Jurek is a Vegan and American Ultramarathoner. Scott loves to RUN. He is one of the top runners of the decade. Recently, he set a new American record by running 165.7 miles in 24 hours.

Scott Jurek grew up eating meat every day. When Scott's mother suffered from multiple sclerosis,  he stopped eating meat and he was convinced that eating meat causes many diseases.

In 1999, Scott Jurek became a Vegan. Jurek feels that his plant-based diet accounts for his astonishing records. When he is not Running, Scott cooks yummy and nutritious vegan dishes in his kitchen.

In 2013 , Scott Jurek wrote a book, Eat and Run. Eat and Run book has inspired many Americans to go Vegan.

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