Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vegan Recipes , Cruel-free Recipes for Diwali

In a couple of days, millions of Hindus across the world will celebrate, Diwali - Festival of Lights.
Milk and milk based products such as ghee , butter, paneer(Indian cottage cheese) , are used to make sweets. It's time to share sweets with family and friends.

According to Ayurveda(India's traditional medical science), milk and milk product such as ghee,
belongs to Sattvic (Goodness), group. According to Ayurveda, Sattvic food, such as fruits, vegetables, freshly cookes beans and lentils ,and milk promotes spiritual growth and guides people to follow the right path. Sattvic food is also known as ahimsa food(non-violence).

Unfotunately , the condition of milk producing cows in India and across the world is filled with pain
and suffering . In India, cows are induced with oxytocin harmone to produce more milk. In western countries, cows are repeatedly impregnated so that cows keep producing milk for a long time.
In short, cows are treated as "milking machines" .

In this day and age, milk and ghee no longer belong to Sattvic food. Milk and milk products such
as ghee and yogurt belong to "Tamasic foods", which is the result of non-violence. Meat , fish and eggs belong to Tamasic food group.

In this day and age, milk and ghee, no longer promotes spiritual growth.

I'm a vegan and I enjoy Diwali by making vegan sweets. I feel so happy to see my family and friends
relish my vegan burfis, kheers and halwas.

You too can make delicious sweets without using milk , ghee and butter. Visit Vaishali's blog
holy cow to find vegan recipes
for carrot halwa, burfis , firni , adhirasam , and many more mouth-watering recipes.


East Meets West Veg said...

Thanks for finding me! I am now following you! You are so right. Milk products are no longer a product of non-violence. There is so much violence that goes into all dairy products. It is absolutely disgusting. Thank goodness there are alternatives to dairy products!

Mitha Hegde said...

Thank you for posting your views on my blog! You are so true... The cpws are suffering a lot and we humans don't realize it.... Yes there are many alternatives to milk in desserts.. I make the famous Gajar ka Halwa with Almond milk.. Its tastes simply yummy.. You can check the recipe here if you want: .. Thanks dear! :)