Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mahatma Gandhi's Views on Cow's Milk

Mahatma Gandhi, a great leader was born on October 2 in India, more than a century ago.
Millions of people everyday are inspired by this noble man- Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi achieved his goals through "Non-violence". Mahatma Gandhi worked for
the welfare of people. Mahatma Gandhi worked hard to remove pain and suffering from the community.

Mahatma Gandhi led a simple life. He ate simple vegetarian food. Gandhi had a strong
disgust for cow's milk when he came to know that cows and buffalos were subjected to a
cruel process, known as Phooka, to increase the production of milk. These days, in India,
many farmers inject the cows with oxytocin drug to increase the production of milk.
Read this for more information .

If Gandhi was alive, he would be very sad seeing the horrible condition of cows across India.
I'm sure Gandhi would eat vegan food and advocate vegan diet, as ahimsa diet (cruel-free diet).

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