Friday, May 10, 2013

Vegan Apple Halwa

Yesterday, I made Apple halwa, by following Shilpa's  Apple halwa  recipe in Aayi's blog.

I veganised the recipe by using canola oil, instead of ghee. I also used turbinado sugar, from >sugar in the raw
. Apple halwa was almost brown in color, and it was so tasty. I could not cut into pieces, so I relished this wonderful sweet in a spoon. I also added 4 Tbsp of crushed almonds, so the halwa was very nutty and tasty.
If you have sweet tooth, like me, you will surely love this Indian sweet.


Dinakar KR said...

Sorry this is not connected with this post. I saw your comment you left on my blogpost on Lalgudi Jayaraman. I thought this is the best way to respond to you and say thank you. May I ask if there is any Mysore or music connection to you? I browsed your blog. I'm also a gastronomer! I may visit the blog again.

Kumudha said...


I grew up in Bangalore, and I usead to visit Mysore many times. Mysore is such a wonderful city!

Anonymous said...

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Akila said...

Nice variation to apple halwa

rama said...

Interesting recipe for Apple halwa. My sister's favorite dish is Apple Halwa, which she makes it very well.My son too lives in Michigan Ann Arbor. Thanks for visiting my blog on mother. I am glad you could relate to it
We will keep in touch through our blogs.