Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dr Nandita Shah Advocates Vegan Diet

In India, these days so many people in their early thirties are suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity. People are so busy, and they really don't know which food is healthy and which food is unhealthy.

Thanks to Dr Nandita Shah - a homeopathy doctor, has been conducting talks, seminars,  and vegan cooking classes from past 8 years across india. My sister recently attended, Dr Nandita Shah's Reversing Diabetes in Pune , and loved it so much. My sister is now urging her friends to attend Dr Nandita Shah's seminars. My sister was not a vegan before attending the seminar, Reversing Diabetes. But, once my sister attended the Reversing Diabetes talk, she didn't feel like consuming yogurt and paneer.

Dr  Nandita Shah conducts so many seminars from New Delhi to Cochin and Bangalore to Mumbai.
Reversing Diabetes, Diary Alternatives for Healthy Vegan Living, Peas vs Pills are some of her popular seminars, and so far thousands of people across India have attended these great seminars.

I recently read that many people in India are thriving on vegan diet , and I feel that Dr Nandita Shah is one of the reasons for the increase in number of vegans in India. If you have friends and family in India, please ask them to attend Dr Nandita Shah's seminars. The seminars cost around two thousand to three thousand rupees. Visit the website Sharan India for more information.


Priya Anandakumar said...

You have a very nice blog, with lots of information. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Veganosaurus said...

My parents attended one of her seminars and turned vegan over a year ago. It's the best decision they have made for their health!

So many of us here are grateful to Dr.Nandita for helping us convince our loved ones to go vegan.

Kumudha said...


It's so nice that your parents are vegan. Thanks to Dr.Nandita, the number of people thriving on vegan diet is increasing...

I really miss vegan icecreams in Bangalore. I'm sure there will be many more vegans if we get vegan icecreams, and vegan yogurt in India...