Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trader Joe's

In my local grocery store, I get most of the vegan staples such as tofu and soy milk. But, I can't find vegan dark chocolates and ice cream.

I often shop at Trader Joe's for decadent chocolates, delicious ice cream, varieties of spicy chips and salsas.

Visit Trader Joe's website to find a store in your area.


Casey said...

Unfortunately you may have no other alternative than to shop at whole foods, cough, whole paycheck...but seriously they have tons of hard to find vegan fare

Also check this website www.izzitgreen.com
its a site that rates business on how green they are, very easy to find vegan/vegetarian friendly options...


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ah, I wish there was a Trader Joe's around here...

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

one of my cousins recently introduced me to trader joe's and im kinda addicted to it now!!! I love their stores. esp their chips and soups!! :)

Anonymous said...

We're finally getting a TJ's. It's set to open in November and I can't wait. We shopped there weekly when we lived in CA so I've been missing it for 2.5 years now.

Anonymous said...

I love Trader Joe's! They have such reasonably priced vegan goodies.

tovina said...

Look for vegan organic chocolate at www.organiclivingfood.com

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