Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vegan Banana Muffin

Growing up in Bangalore, I remember relishing bakery
items - fruit cake, cupcake, masala buns, bread
sandwich regularly.

There was just one type of cupcake in Bangalore
bakeries. Cupcake was also called as apple cake.
Cupcakes in Bangalore bakeries are without the
frosting. So they are somewhat similar to
muffin, but are called cupcake!

When I saw variety of muffins in a local bakery in
United States, for the first time, I was overwhelmed.
I loved muffins and always had store-bought muffins in
my kitchen.

Once I became a vegan, I started baking muffins once
in a while because I no longer get eggless and dairy free
muffins in supermarkets. Recently, I made banana muffins following
this recipe and the taste was superb.
I used very ripe bananas to make the muffins.

To know more about history of cupcake, from an Indian standpoint,
visit an Indian newspaper


The Little Vegan said...

You SHOULD try injera... and I should try those banana muffins!

Cynthia said...

These look so moist!

Theresa said...

Those look really great! My childhood was full of cupcakes, usually simply chocolate or vanilla cake, with icing and sprinkles--people always brought them to school on their birthday to share with the class, or for class holiday parties, or for bake sales... cupcakes and muffins are great!

lakshmi said...

beautiful the shiny crust on top

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice eggless recipe Kumuda! I like eggless cakes only!

Johanna3 said...


Roopa said...

looks yum! nice collection of recipes too :)

Daily Meals said...

I have been searcing for eggless cakes and muffins. Thanks for sharing Kumudha!

Mihl said...

Your cupcake/muffins look adorable! I love the colour. Funny, in Germany it's the other way round, both cupcakes and muffins are called muffins.

Rajitha said...

nice looking muffins there...

Anonymous said...

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