Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Daniel Bissonnette - Young Vegan Activist

Daniel Bissonnette is a wonderful 12 years old Canadian boy. Daniel is a vegan and is motivating kids, teenagers and adults  in Canada to relish plant-based dishes.  A couple of years ago, many kids in his school made fun of his vegan lunch for nearly 8 years. He was called "weird kid" because he ate delicious plant-based fare(vegan food)

Today, Daniel is the author of Daniel's Breakfast Burst -Vegan  recipe book awash with tasty smoothies.  These days, Daniel is a busy boy giving talks in Canada and United States about the awesome benefits of plant-based diet (vegan diet). I'm sure many Americans and Canadians have become vegan after hearing Daniel! I just love to watch his Youtube Channel - Daniel Bissonnette, filled with yummy recipes and Life-changing tips! Watch him here...





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