Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vegan Thanksgiving is Becoming Popular in United States

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in United States. Thanksgiving has been celebrated in United States for more than two centuries. On Thanksgiving, Americans love to be with their near and dear ones. And Americans love to relish good food on Thanksgiving Day. Roasted Turkey , mashed potatoes and Pumpkin Pie has been tradition dishes served on Thanksgiving.

Today, Tofurky(made from wheat and organic tofu) has replaced Turkey in millions of American homes.  Today, as thousands of Americans are exploring vegetarian and vegan food, it is really possible for vegans to have wonderful Thanksging dinner with family and friends.

A great news - According to a popular newspaper , the sale of Turkeys has been decreasing from past five years.

A couple of days ago, my young son made a profound statement . He said, "People who love birds should not eat TURKEYS"! I was overwhelmed with emotions when I heard this profound sentence...

Here are some interesting links related to tofurky and vegan Thanksgiving...

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