Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today is World Water Day - Go Vegan to Conserve Water

Water,Water, Everywhere!

Most of us take clean water for granted. Today, water is the most precious natural resource.
World Health Organization estimates that about a quarter of the world's population drinks contaminated water. Thousands of new born babies die every year, as hospitals don't have clean water in Africa.

According to some surveys, Livestock industry uses lots of water to raise animals for milk and meat. Growing fruits, vegetables , beans and lentils require less water compared to raise chickens , pigs and cows for meat. 168 gallons of water is required to produce one pound of corn, and 108 gallons of water is required to produce  one pound of wheat. 12, 009 gallons of water is required to produce one pound of beef.

March 22 is World Water Day.  One of the most easiest way to conserve water is to thrive on vegan diet(plant-based diet).  Across the world , It is really so easy to thrive on vegan diet with some planning...

Here are some enlightening articles about water.
1. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/world-water-day-2016-what-happens-when-you-dont-have-clean-water-a6946026.html

2. http://vegnews.com/articles/page.do?pageId=4425&catId=3

3. http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/freshwater/water-conservation-tips/

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