Thursday, October 30, 2014

Israel Goes Vegan

According to a news report, there are about 200,000 vegans in Israel. The number of vegans is increasing every day. According to israel21c website ( ), many Israelites are going vegan after hearing Gary Yourofsky's speech. Gary Yourofsky is an American animal-rights activist.

A few months ago my 16 year old niece from India sent me the link to Gary Yourofsky's speech in youtube. My niece told me that her friends were shocked to hear about the suffering of innocent animals  in dairy industries. I am sure many people will go VEGAN after hearing to Gary Yourofsky's enlightening speech.

You can hear his speech at ( ) . You can also hear his famous speech in Youtube  ( )


Heather G said...

Thanks for sharing! I've heard about the growing number of vegans in Israel and it makes me very happy. It's nice to hear some good news when there is so much bad news.

Kumudha said...

You are right! It is wonderful to hear the increasing number of vegans...