Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senso Vegetarian Shoes (Cruel-free Shoes)

 Many people in India, no longer like to buy leather shoes and sandals, as leather is the result of pain, suffering and death of innocent animals.

Thanks to the company - Senso Vegetarian Shoes, where shoes, sandals, and slippers are made from non-leather material. You can also buy beautiful cruel-free bags from Senso Vegetarian Shoes.

If you have friends and family in India, please let them know of this cruel-free store. They do free delivery all over India. http://sensoveg.com

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Heather G said...

This is really good information!!! Thank you for sharing! I remember walking in a shoe store during my last trip to India. The smell of leather was overwhelming, but next to the cash register was a container collecting money for cows.