Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vegan Parathas (Indian Bread)

I love Parathas . These days I make Aloo parathas (Potato Parathas), Methi Parathas(Fenugreek Parathas), or Pudina Parathas(Mint Parathas), for my son's lunch- box .

The first time I made Aloo parathas, it was a mess. The potato filling came out while I was rolling the parathas. Last week, I made good  Aloo parathas , after following the recipe in the blog, CookingandMe.  Cooking and me
is an awesome blog for Indian cuisine. Nags, who works for Google, and is based in Sydney , makes yummy food. I 'm so glad she blogs. You can find many vegan recipes in the blog - Cooking and Me .

Aloo Parathas are so tasty. I like to eat  hot Aloo Parathas with a dollop of Earth Balance (vegan butter) and maple syrup. Sometimes I like to relish Aloo Parathas with lime pickle or tomato chutney. My son likes to eat plain Aloo Parathas .


Heather G said...

I have never thought of eating maple syrup with a paratha. Sounds yummy!

Unknown said...

How do you like earth balance butter over pranthas and to cook with?