Friday, June 28, 2013

Vegan Kaju Katli, Indian Cashew Fudge

For a very long time, I assumed that Kaju Katlis were made only by professional cooks and chefs.
Thanks to so many Indian cuisine food blogs, yummy Indian sweets are floating around in Blogosphere. I saw Kaju Katli recipe in Saffron Hot blog and decided to make it.

I veganized the recipe, by using vegan raw sugar , from the company - Sugar in the Raw. You can find Sugar in the Raw at Costco. The Kaju Katlis were light caramel color, but the taste was out of this world!

I made this sweet, and arranged the Kaju Katlis in a plate. My four year old saw the sweets and ate few pieces. My husband and I eat few Kaju Katlis.

The next morning, I noticed there were only 3 pieces of Kaju Katlis. My son eats 2 pieces, and I stop him from eating the third piece. I tell my son that we should keep the Kaju Katli for his father. My son says, "There is just one Kaju Katli. I will make it into three pieces". He breaks the kaju katli into 3 small pieces. He pops 2 small pieces, before I could stop him . Now there is only one tiny piece of Kaju Katli. I pop this tiny piece of Kaju Kali into my mouth, as I did not feel like giving a small piece to my husband!

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