Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Indian Food at Udupi Palace, Artesia

I love going to Artesia in Southern California. Artesia is brimming with Indian stores and
Indian restaurants.

Udupi Palace is a vegetarian restaurant in Artesia. Dosas (rice and lentil pancakes) are really good in Udupi Palace.
Usually vegetable oil is used to make dosas, but sometimes ghee or butter is used to make dosa.
I once had masala dosa, and the waiter confirmed the cook used vegetable oil to make dosa. If you are a vegan, make
sure you say that ghee and butter are not used for making dosas.

Last time, I ordered Channa masala(Garbanzo beans gravy) . Channa masala came with a bowl of rice, chapathi(pita like flat bread) . Channa masala was not spicy, even my toddler son ate some chapathi with Channa masala.

Coming to desserts, everything from kheer (pudding made from rice or semolina), to halwas is made from milk based
products such as ghee and butter. If you are a vegan,
you can't have these desserts. However, if you like Indian sweets, you can veganize most of Indian sweets.
The recipes for Indian sweets and other indian recipes can be found in blogs such as Vaishali's holy cow
In short, Udupi Palace is a great restaurant for Indian food.

If you visit,

Udupi Palace
18635 Pioneer Boulevard
Artesia, California 90701

Phone 562-860-1950


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Vaishali said...

Kumudha, we have an Udupi Palace too near where I live and I love the food-- going there is like a flashback to all those fun times I had eating at the lovely udupi restaurants of India. Thanks for the shout-out to Holy Cow! :)

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