Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teapot Vegetarian House

I was in Seattle for a couple of weeks, and I frequently enjoyed eating in one of the best vegan restaurants in Seattle - Teapot Vegetarian House . Seattle has many great vegan restaurants, but the food at Teapot Vegetarian House was so good, that my husband and I did not feel like eating at other vegan restaurants.

My favourite dish was Thai green curry and my husband's favourite dish was Curried vegetables. The taste of these curries with brown rice was superb! I also liked spring rolls, Kung pao vegetables, Tempura , and Vegetable Chow Mein . Once I also ate Vegan Tofu Cheesecake, and I somehow did not like it.

If you crave good food, I highly recommend that you eat at Teapot Vegetarian House when you are in Seattle.

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